Branding Our Community: Cypress Creek Community

Can We Create A New and Better Community?

An Edge City is characterized by a rich diversity of performing and visual arts venues, cultural and recreational resources. Northwest Houston loves the Arts and the Outdoors. This is confirmed every day as residents and visitors fill our museums, concert halls, theatres, parks and trails.

Northwest Harris County has enjoyed decades of successful development free of the constraints of city government. Our population has grown beyond the size of the city of Denver and anonymity is no longer an attractive option. We have been blessed with residents and a business community that exhibits a “can-do” attitude that has resulted in the creation of a rich art culture, acres of green spaces and green belts, and many other valuable amenities all while maintaining the quality of life and aesthetic value that brought us here.


The time has come to package and brand all that we love about our community so that we are readily identifiable to newcomers seeking to relocate their family and/or their business to our area. Over the years, we have gathered input from citizens about what we should be named. What resulted from these meetings and discussions is that our subdivisions want to retain their own identities, that our over-arching name should not be a label borrowed from any existing area of the community (such as Klein or Champions) and that it be a name that reflects the real essence of our family-friendly  community.

Cypress Creek Community is what we are and we will be communicating this widely in the coming months. DG Studios has designed the look and feel of our image with a green leaf that points northwest that denotes our value of green spaces. Its simplicity and clean look reflect our love of aesthetic value. The Cypress Creek Cultural District, our community hub of important  cultural events, will serve as the launch pad for our community’s monument signs.

Download the PDF brochure: Can We Create A New and Better Community?

For more information, contact the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce at 281-440-4160.